Guiyang Zhongtian Art Museum

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Location: Guizhou_China
Letter: G
Type of Museum: Art

For the Guiyang Future Ark Zhongtian Art Museum, we had designed more than 60 display cases, including Gallery dimensions wall cases and tabletop cases. Our excellent design was highly recognized by the art museum.

Guiyang Zhongtian Art Museum

Guiyang Zhongtian Art Museum is a non-governmental organization registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs, located by the stage in Guiyang Zhongtian Future Ark, Guizhou Province. It is a comprehensive art museum integrating exhibition, collection, training, creation, public education, mounting and painting, and calligraphy management.

Guiyang Zhongtian Art Museum 1

On Sep 30th, 2015, Zhongtian Painting and Calligraphy Institute was officially established in the Guiyang Zhongtian future Ark. The purpose of inheriting excellent Chinese traditional culture, prospering the art of calligraphy and painting and strive to achieve the comprehension rejuvenation of Chinese culture. In June 2019, the Painting and Calligraphy Institute relocated to a new place and renamed Zhongtian Art Museum. The Zhongtian Art Museum was started on the successful operation of the Zhongtian Painting and Calligraphy Institute and was invested and constructed by the Zhongtian Group. On Aug 22th, 2019, the Zhongtian art museum opened to the public.

Guiyang Zhongtian Art Museum 2

The art museum covers an area of more than 4,000 square meters and has a total of 3 floors. The lighting, display cases, and constant temperature window displays and other hardware facilities in the exhibition hall are designed in accordance with the standard art gallery equipment. The display cases are designed and installed by our company. On Oct 18th, 2018, we are awarded the showcase contract for the Zhongtian Painting and Calligraphy Institute. After months of work, we delivered the project successfully, our design also received high approval from the client.