2009 World Stamp Exhibition

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Location: Henan_China
Letter: S
Type of Museum: Temporary exhibition

For the 2009 World Stamp Exhibition in Luoyang Museum, Relicase weighted security, strict demand, and relevant facilities on our museum display case design. This exhibition kicks off in Luoyang Museum, central China's Henan, April 10, 2009. The world stamp exhibition was our temporary project.

2009 World Stamp Exhibition

The objective of the World Stamp Exhibition is to promote philately, to develop mutual relations and philatelic culture, to maintain cooperation among philatelists throughout the world, to present creativity and innovation when treating exhibits, and to promote the Exponet virtual philatelic exhibition.


More than 3,200 framed stamp collections were displayed at the event which actually runs from April 10 to 16. Among the 80 frames of rare stamps is the world-renowned 'Penny Black' from the British royal family, as well as Red Revenue Stamps from the China National Post and Postage Stamp Museum.

2009 World Stamp Exhibition 1

Luoyang, a city with a long history and profound culture, was once the capital of 13 dynasties. The stamp exhibition is the first event to be held in the new hall of the Luoyang Museum. Luoyang Museum is a historical museum in Luoyang, Henan, China. Situated in the Yellow River valley. Over 1,000 exhibits ranging from prehistoric times to the Sui and Tang Dynasty periods are displayed there. Meanwhile, the museum is combined with a modern technique, giving new vitality to the exhibits and making it more exquisite and elegant.

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