V&A Gallery at Design Society, Shekou, Shenzhen

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Location: Guangdong_China
Letter: V
Type of Museum: Social economy

Relicase tailored the showcase for the V&A Gallery at Design Society, Shekou, Shenzhen, including freestanding display cases and full vision table cases.

V&A Gallery at Design Society

Designed by London-based architectural practice Sam Jacob Studio, the V&A Gallery is the first collaboration of its kind between a UK museum and a Chinese partner. In 2014, China Merchants Shekou, partnered with the Victoria & Albert Museum, to establish a world-class cultural institution designed by Fumihiko Maki by the waterfront in Shekou, the symbolic cradle of China’s Reform & Opening. 

V&A Gallery at Design Society 1

Design Society located in the Sea World Culture and Arts Center, a large multi-purpose building designed by renowned Japanese architect, Fumihiko Maki. The building is a dynamic mix of galleries, museums, shops, and events, all anchored by Design Society.


The V&A Gallery at Design Society is part of the V&A's largest international initiative in its history. With over 250 objects from its permanent collection on display, it offers local audiences a unique opportunity to explore the historical and geographical diversity of its holdings, while exploring critical issues about design.


The gallery is built around a narrative of 'Values of Design' and looks at how we have historically valued design and, in turn, how design has produced value. Relicase tailored the showcase for the gallery, including Freestanding cases and Wall-standing cases. Our design enhanced the display effect and received high praise from the client.