Shenzhen Stock Exchange Archives Centre

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Location: Guangdong_China
Letter: S
Type of Museum: Social economy

For the shenzhen Stock Exchange Archives Centre, Relicase tailored the display cases, specifically constructed for the display and protection of paper exhibits. Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) Archives Centre, which mainly houses calligraphy and painting exhibits, was designed for exchange exhibitions.

Relicase use SCHOTT AMIRAN anti-reflection glass and ERCO LED track wall-washers, Reduces the visual impact caused by glaring lights, and simultaneously to restore the true colors of paintings. A lighting control module is integrated into the DALI control system of the whole showroom to allow for convenience and improved efficiency.

The MiniClima humidity-constant system allows for the unified control of all display cases in the showroom. This system was installed in an equipment room a distance from the showroom to minimize distractions caused by work noise and to facilitate the daily management & maintenance of equipment.

A newly updated TCFA electronic access system and electronic lifting system have been applied in all cases.

Many difficulties were overcome during installation. For instance, the following problems were successfully addressed: the hoisting of 3800*1750mm glass from outside the building's curtain wall to the 8th floor, where the showroom does not have any passageway; the bearing capacity of the raised flooring in the showroom failed to secure the installation of display cases; the humidity-constant system's pipeline from the equipment room to the showroom was blocked by many building structures, etc.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange Archives Centre

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Shenzhen Stock Exchange Archives Centre 2

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