Shanghai Lu xun Memorial Museum

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Location: Shanghai_China
Letter: S
Type of Museum: memorial museum

For the Shanghai Lu xun Memorial Museum, Relicase designed various of high-specification and custom display cases for better display effect and high approval.

The Shanghai Lu xun Museum is the first museum dedicated to a person since the establishment of the People's Republic of China, which is also managed by the unit of Lu Xun tomb cultural relics protection. It is the first batch of museums and patriotism education demonstration base, which divide into Lu xun Former Residence, Lu xun Tomb and Lu xun Memorial. This museum provided a clear description of the history and biography of Lu Xun, a famous Chinese writer. It is located within the Luxun Park in Hongkou strict, Shanghai.

With 200,000 cultural artifacts in a 1,650 square meter display space, Lu Xun's handwritten manuscripts, literature, photographs, and relics are exhibited here. Additionally, a various of display methods are used such as sculptures, wax models, and film, allowing visitors to feel close to Lu Xun's works, thinking, and personality. Lu’s Memorial shows his whole life with great quality. All of visitors can not help showing their salute when come here.

Shanghai Lu xun Museum

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