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Ming and Qing porcelain exhibitions

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Location: Jiangsu_China
Letter: N

For the Nanjing Museum Ming and Qing porcelain exhibitions, Relicase focused on the display effect and security of the museum display cases when designing. The fragility had a higher demand for showcases. This was a porcelain - themed exhibition.

Porcelain is selected as one of the four great inventions of ancient China recently and is the most representative ancient trade goods which can help the world comprehend China. Porcelains of Nanjing Museum collections are abundant and exquisite, and the vast majority is handed down from the era of Ming and Qing dynasties. The porcelain exhibitions of Ming and Qing Dynasties on display is nearly 600 pieces. Especially notable is the museum's enormous collections of Ming and Qing imperial porcelain, which is among the largest in the world.

Nanjing Museum, the first large national comprehensive museum in China, is located in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China. With an area of 70,000 square meters, it is one of the largest museums in China. The Museum has over 400,000 items in its permanent collection, making it one of the largest in China.

Ming and Qing porcelain exhibitions