National Museum of Classic Books

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Location: Beijing_China
Letter: N
Type of Museum: Object

For the National Museum of Classic Books, National Library of China, Relicase has tailored the display cases for five halls including the Hall of Brief History.

As a branch of National Library of China, the National Museum of Classic Books is a state-level museum that displays classic works of Chinese literature Chinese classics and disseminates Chinese culture. Its exhibits have a time span from oracle bones from 3000 years ago to modern & contemporary masters’ manuscripts, including heritage books from Dunhuang, rare ancient books, metal and stone rubbings, maps, Yangshi Lei Archives, ancient books in minority languages, masters’ manuscripts and rare books in western languages.

All display cases used in the Hall of Brief History, Hall of Yangshi Lei Archives, Hall of Metals & Stones and Hall of Masters’ Manuscripts were done by us.

The wall display cases in one hall are connected to a MXI-ONE humidity-constant machine, while free standing display cases are equipped with a PMCG water-free humidity-constant machine. Furthermore, to minimize possible damage to paper exhibits caused by the lighting, in table-top cases we use a ROBLON fiber optic system from Denmark on which a series of adjustable torches on the lighting bar creates a perfect balance between performing its function and creating attractive lighting.

This project requires extremely strict AQ inside display cases. We can confidently say that our consistent standard on the choice of materials and technological level will meet the challenging requirements of this project.

National Museum of Classic Books

National Museum of Classic Books 1