Museum of the Nanyue King of Western Han Dynasty

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Location: Guangdong_China
Letter: M
Type of Museum: Archeology

For the Museum of the Nanyue King of Western Han Dynasty, Relicase designed the nearly 60 meters wall display cases and perfectly set off the exhibits.

Museum of the Nanyue King

The museum is located at 867 Jiefang Rd. in Yuexiu District in central Guangzhou, Guangdong. It was officially opened to the public in 1988, with a building area of ​​over 17,400 square meters and an exhibition area of ​​8,657 square meters. The collection is mainly composed of more than 1,000 (set) cultural relics unearthed from the tomb of the King of Nanyue.

Museum of the Nanyue King 1

Museum of the Nanyue King 2

The museum has a total of 10 exhibition halls, of which the second floor is the ceramic pillows exhibition hall, in order to commemorate the patriotic feelings of Mr. Yang Yongde, a well-known collector of cultural relics in Hong Kong. The exhibition hall is dedicated to displaying more than 200 ceramic pillows donated by him. The museum has more than 400 ceramic pillows, this batch of ceramic pillows has a large number of categories and a wide range of kiln mouths, which are rare at home and abroad.

ceramic pillows exhibition hall

Relicase undertook the project of the renovation and maintenance project of the porcelain pillow exhibition hall. The showcases we provided for this project are wall display cases, with a height of 2.5 meters, a thickness of 0.9 meters, and a total length of nearly 60 meters. The showcase perfectly sets off the exhibits and brings a good display effect.

Museum of the Nanyue King 3