Nanshan Museum, Shenzhen

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Location: Guangdong_China
Letter: N
Type of Museum: Comprehensiveness

Relicase tailored a variety of display cases for the Nanshan Museum, Shenzhen, including wall cases, freestanding cases, flat cases, built-in wall cases. Our team members cooperated closely to overcome the challenges of short-time, heavy task and high requirements, and received high praise from the museum and the society.


Nanshan Museum is located in the central area of Nanshan, Shenzhen, is a large-scale comprehensive state-owned museum. It was established in 2014 by the Nanshan District Government. The Museum undertakes the history and humanities research work of Nanshan. It is responsible for the collection and research of the unearthed cultural relics in the Nanshan area. It also pays attention to the collection and finishing of the ancient Maritime Silk Road and the historical relics of the Guangfu area.


Nanshan Museum covers an area With a total area of 19000 square meters and a construction area of 36,000 square meters, it is currently the largest single-building museum in Shenzhen and one of the largest museums in the country (county). Nanshan Museum is located in the central area of Nanshan: the Nanshan Library in the west and the Nanshan Cultural and Sports Center in the north. The three constitute the 'Nanshan Cultural Golden Triangle'. Nanshan Museum is also responsible for Shenzhen Municipal Cultural Relics Protection Unit. The management and open reception work of 'Chen Yu's Former Residence'.

Nanshan Museum, Shenzhen

Nanshan Museum 1, Shenzhen

Nanshan Museum 2, Shenzhen

Nanshan Museum 3, Shenzhen

Nanshan Museum 4, Shenzhen