Nanjing Museum large frameless showcases

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Location: Jiangsu_China
Letter: N
Type of Museum: Comprehensiveness

For the Nanjing Museum, Relicase partnership with Trika to design and build a number of large frameless showcases, freestanding, with a total of 188 units.


A museum with 40,000 rare exhibits


Opened on 6th November 2013, after nearly four long years of extensive renovations, the Nanjing Museum will take visitors across more than 40,000 rare exhibits, up from the original 5,000 pieces.


Each gallery has a number of large frameless showcases; tall, almost weightless and mostly freestanding. We designed and built in partnership with Trika a total of 188 units of these special cases, complete with Iguzzini spot lights that were specified for their superb colour rendering and colour temperature. Electrical power was cleverly concealed within a framed clear glass top. Having the ability to dismount, assemble and relocate anywhere within a matter of minutes means that an entire gallery can be cleared of showcases within a day. Likewise, this approach to the temporary concept translates to galleries that can be reshaped and repackaged within a few days rather than months.


Ancient relics of Jiangsu civilisation


These sequential depictions of the different groups of cultural relics trace the history and dynastic development of Jiangsu civilization and are aptly featured in the highly coveted, "Specimen Room" where the cultural relics are curated in suites of demountable showcases, some for up to eight consecutive days.


These clean and simple designs are elegant and subtle and never detract from the precious exhibits being displayed.

Nanjing Museum large frameless showcases

Nanjing Museum large frameless showcases 1

Nanjing Museum large frameless showcases 2