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Museum Bank Indonesia Jakarta

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Location: Indoesia
Letter: I
Collection: Object

For the Museum Bank Indonesia Jakarta, Relicase worked with BD & A, designed the Museum display cases, enhanced the display effects and received great approval. This was Relicase first major museum display cases project in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is also a big and complex one - five years were devoted to the project from start to finish, we have accumulated a lot of experience from this project.

Relicase worked with BD & A, an Indonesian architectural practice, to create an educational and research-oriented museum for the Indonesian public. This project was planned to demonstrate the work and expertise of the Central Bank of Indonesia to the rest of the world.

The museum is equipped with more than 86 vertical sliding vitrines with integrated fiber-optic lighting systems, 10 frameless plinth-mounted cases and 24 freestanding units which combine frameless cases and hinged doors, all lit with a fiber-optic lighting system.

Bank Indonesia museum is a bank museum located in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was founded by Bank Indonesia and opened on 21 July 2009. The museum is designed to introduce the public Bank Indonesia's role on the Indonesian history. The museum also provide visitors with audio and visual experience on the history of currencies and trade in Indonesia from pre-colonial era to the present state. The museum include old currencies on its display collection, from as early as 14th century pre-colonial era to old bank notes from around the world.

Museum Bank Indonesia

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