Xinjiang Institute of Archaeology Mummified Remains

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Location: Sinkiang_China
Letter: X
Type of Museum: Archeology

In order to protect and display the mummified remains in the Xinjiang Institute of Archaeology, Relicase delivered storage systems and display drawers. Our basic ideas of design and manufacturing are based on our vast experience from projects which we have completed successfully.


These ideals have now become standard for ensuring our showcases are well-sealed, easy to open and operate, achieving high-security and allows both passive or active humidity control systems to be integrated. We manufacture strictly to the requirements of international museum conservation for cultural relics, combining both the aesthetic as well as functional properties of showcase design for each individual production brief. 


Mummified remains are one of the most fragile organic matter under the conservation care for historical relics. Once they are unearthed from the ground, the remains will face difficult and challenging conservation environments before they are being transferred into the proper care of a specialized museum for final conservation, storage or display.


The actual location where the mummified remains are unearthed only serves temporarily as an interim storage measure. Once the mummified remains are exposed to air and environmental pollutants, careful and considered protection must be introduced immediately. Therefore, the entire process of conservation requires stringent long-term constant microclimate humidity controls to protect this very fragile heritage relic before, during transportation and eventually to the laboratory and conservation storage or display at the museum.


Once the museum has prepared the mummy or mummified remains for exhibition, a technical team comprising of experts from the curatorial as well as conservation areas will then plan the move to the museum designated gallery space for display. One of the key challenges is the adaptation of lighting controls and exhibition ambient conditions. These challenges to conserve the Mummy in varied circumstances and the resulting relocations serves to highlight the many difficulties that our team had to encounter in completing this rewarding project.

Xinjiang Institute of Archaeology Mummified Remains