Minhang Museum, Shanghai

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Location: Shanghai_China
Letter: M
Type of Museum: History civilization

For the Minhang Museum, Shanghai, Relicase design 40 museum display cases, including built-in wall cases, flat cases, freestanding cases, and tabletop cases.

Minhang Museum


Minhang Museum is located at 1538 Xinzhen Road, Minhang District, Shanghai. The museum stretches across an area of over 15,000 square meters. It is a prominent attraction and landmark in the city. This museum is part of the Minhang District’s Qibao Culture Park Development. As the anchor to the culture park, the museum is a forum for civic engagement. Designed as a spiral rising out of the ground, the museum’s roof is an extension of the park’s landscape.


The museum features 3 exhibition areas. With two main exhibits - the Ancient Maqiao Culture Exhibition and the Chinese National Musical Instruments Exhibition. The second floor is dedicated to the 700-hundred-year history of Shanghai, with one area focused on Maqiao civilization. Visitors to the museum will be able to witness over 500 artifacts and cultural relics such as stoneware, pottery and musical instruments that date back as long as 4,000 years.


At the entrance of the museum wall, you will find twenty miniature sculptures. Each seated in an enlightened wall ‘shrine’. The ‘shrines’ are specially made built-in wall cases installed by Relicase. Build-in cases are fitted in solid walls. Form high-security display areas, while saving room for other exhibits. With its enclosed structure, attention is drawn to objects inside. And each exhibiting unit becomes a focus itself.


Minhang Museum Built-in Wall Cases


We equipped the Ancient Maqiao Culture Exhibition hall with two types of museum display cases: freestanding display cases and tabletop display cases.


Minhang Museum 1


Freestanding display cases are built on iron frame plinths with internal level adjustment. Laminated glass adopted here to filter out up to 96% of UV radiation. The fixed part of cases is sealed with top brand-neutral glues, while openings are lined with ultra-thin silicone strips.


Minhang Museum 2


Table top display cases here didn’t adopt cubic glass covers as usual. Instead, we created slope surfaces parallel to the viewers’ face. So that they don’t need to bend over to look at the exhibits inside.


Minhang Museum Table top display cases


We are also supplied the built-in wall cases, freestanding display cases, flat cases for the 'The 700 Years of History of Shanghai County'. Our designed received great approval and received high praise from the museum.


Minhang Museum 3