Museum Casework and Display Case Projects

Relicase has completed various museum casework and display case projects, the Expo, Olympic Games, Terracotta Warriors, Sanxingdui, etc are protected. These projects reflect our growth, we have gained Invaluable experience and most diverse challenges.

By working with some of the most famous contractor, curators, architects, exhibit designers. Within just 15 years, we have supplied our products and technical services to more than 370 museums, art galleries, libraries, cultural institutions and private collectors in 17 countries and regions around the world. We adopt continuous research for new theories and models, as well as uninterrupted development of new theoretical and experimental techniques, have ensured that Relicase always at the forefront.

Wherever your project is located in the world, our team will be present on-site to perfectly realize it. Our solutions focus on improving the safety and aesthetics of museum display cases and maintaining the high standards of the display of historical artifacts. On the basis of innovation & advanced management concept, high-quality museum display cases win us a good reputation.

Inner Mongolia Museum images
Project: Inner Mongolia Museum
Region: Inner_Mongolia
Shaoshan Mao Zedong Memorial Museum images
Project: Mao Zedong Memorial
Region: Hunan_China
Hunan Museum images
Project: Hunan Museum
Region: Hunan_China
2009 World Stamp Exhibition images
Project: 2009 World Stamp Exhibition
Region: Henan_China
Henan Museum images
Project: Henan Museum
Region: Henan_China
Shenzhen Museum, Guangdong images
Project: Shenzhen Museum
Region: Guangdong_China
Guangdong Yunfu Museum images
Project: Yunfu Museum
Region: Guangdong_China
China Museum of Fujian-Taiwan Kinship images
Project: Fujian-Taiwan Kinship Museum
Region: Fujian_China
Chongqing Three Gorges Museum images
Project: Three Gorges Museum
Region: Chongqing_China
Zhongzheng Palace Thangka Exhibition images
Project: Thangka
Region: Beijing_China