Relicase Cooperation Museum Showcases Project

Relicase have created display cases for many cultural institutions, such as museum, exhibition, art gallery, library, as well as private collectors worldwide. The World Expo, the Olympics, the Terracotta Army, the Guanghan Sanxingdui are all protected by Relicase systems.

Through joint efforts with our partners for over 10 years, we have established a network of affiliates and agencies throughout Hong Kong, Singapore, England and Dubai. It provide specialized services to support markets in Southeast Asia, Europe and other global regions. Whereever your project is located in the world, our team will be present on site to perfectly realize it as well as make it classic and time-tested.

By working with some of the most famous contractor, curators, architects and exhibit designers in the world, Relicase have gained Invaluable experience and most diverse challenges.

Sichuan Museum images
Cooperation projects:Sichuan Museum
Sichuan Guanghan Sanxingdui Museum images
Cooperation projects:Sanxingdui Museum
Jinsha Site Museum images
Cooperation projects:Jinsha Site Museum
General Chen Yi Museum images
Cooperation projects:General Chen Yi Museum
Porcelains Exhibition of Yuan, Ming and Song Dynasty images
Cooperation projects:Nanjing Museum
Chaotian Palace Nanjing Municipal Museum images
Cooperation projects:Nanjing Municipal Museum
Exhibition of Costumes of Song and Ming Dynasty images
Cooperation projects:Exhibition of Costumes
Asoka Pagoda special exhibition images
Cooperation projects:Asoka Pagoda special exhibition
Nanjing Museum large frameless showcases images
Cooperation projects:Nanjing Museum
Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery - Dajue Temple images
Cooperation projects:Dajue Temple
New Inner Mongolia Museum images
Cooperation projects:New Inner Mongolia Museum
Shaoshan Mao Zedong Memorial Museum images
Cooperation projects:Shaoshan Mao Zedong Memorial Museum
Hunan Museum images
Cooperation projects:Hunan Museum
Luoyang Museum 2009 World Stamp Exhibition images
Cooperation projects:2009 World Stamp Exhibition
Henan Museum images
Cooperation projects:Henan Museum
Shenzhen museum new exhibition hall images
Cooperation projects:Shenzhen museum new exhibition hall
Guangdong Yunfu Museum images
Cooperation projects:Yunfu Museum
China Museum for Fujian-Taiwan Kinship images
Cooperation projects:China Museum for Fujian-Taiwan Kinship
Chongqing Three Gorges Museum images
Cooperation projects:Three Gorges Museum
Zhongzheng Palace Thangka Exhibition images
Cooperation projects:Thangka
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