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Hunan Museum

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Location: Hunan_China
Letter: H
Type of Museum: Comprehensiveness

For the Hunan Museum, Relicase designed and installed the museum display cases, got approval from the client at the quality, security and display effect. Each exhibit has different requirements for the showcase. We designed showcases according to the traits of each collection.


After arduous efforts for five years, the newly-built Hunan Museum open to the public on November 29, 2017. As part of the redevelopment plan of the museum, Relicase delivered a large number of display cases, including freestanding cases, table cases, wall-mounted cases, built-in wall cases, etc. The freestanding cases are built on iron frame plinths with internal level adjustment. Laminated glass adopted here to filter out up to 96% of UV radiation. 


The Hunan Museum is located in the provincial capital Changsha at No. 50, Dongfeng Lu. Adjoining the beautiful Martyrs' Park, it is the largest comprehensive history and art museum in Hunan Province. It was built in 1951 and opened to the public in July 1956. It covers an area of 49,000 square meters, with the building area reaching 91,000 square meters. Boasting abundant collections, the museum houses over 180,000 artifacts, which feature the cultural relics excavated from the world-famous Mawangdui Tombs of Han Dynasty, the bronze wares of the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, cultural relics of Chu State, pottery and porcelain works from various dynasties and more.


Hunan Museum