Huangyan Museum, Zhejiang

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Location: Zhejiang_China
Letter: H
Type of Museum: History civilization

For the Huangyan museum, Zhejiang, Relicase tailored the freestanding cases and table cases and got acknowledged for bringing out the ideal display effect.


The Huangyan museum was founded in June 1984, located in Chengguan Xueqian Xiang, Huangyan, Zhejiang, building area reaching 12000 square meters. The museum has four display hall. The first floor is a temporary exhibition hall, a historical relics exhibition hall on the second floor, the three-floor is a folk cultural relics exhibition hall, and the fourth floor will be a private collection of treasures.


The Huangyan museum has more than 8000 pieces of cultural relics, including 84 important cultural relics. These collections are sorted in celadon, jade articles, golden, silver and bronze wares, calligraphies and paintings, rubbings, costumes, and other categories. The Buddhist relics of the North Song Dynasty are most famous and welcomed in this museum.

Huangyan Museum, Zhejiang

Huangyan Museum 1, Zhejiang