Huang Yongyu's individual collection

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Location: Beijing_China
Letter: H
Type of Museum: Individuals

For the exhibition of Master Huang Yongyu's individual collection, Relicase tailored the display cases based on the character and position of his works. Mr. Huang expressed it was positive cooperation, especially on the protection of the painting paper.

Individual's Collection Exhibition of Master Huang Yongyu

Internationally acclaimed Chinese art master Huang Yongyu is known for his woodblock prints, ink paintings, and literary works. A multi-talented man, Huang has published poems, essays, novels, screenplays, and photo albums. A prolific carver of wooden engravings, he has held exhibitions in China, Hong Kong, Australia, Germany, and Italy. Huang’s ink works are often scenes of wildlife, foliage, or human figures. Born in 1924 in Fenghuang, China, he never attended a regular school but instead studied literature and art on his own. Perhaps this is why he shows such initiative and vitality in his works without any set pattern.

Individual's Collection Exhibition of Master Huang Yongyu 1