Hami Museum, Xinjiang

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Location: Sinkiang_China
Letter: H
Type of Museum: Comprehensiveness

Relicase designed the museum display cases for the Hami Museum, Xinjiang, and earned good acclaim from the client by superb technology and display effect.


Hami Museum, (In frist floor of Culture Central) located on eastern Tianshan road, Hami, Sinkiang, the museum was built in 1988 as an integrative museum to exhibit the ancient civilizations in Hami. The total exhibiting area is about 500 square meters, and the items on display are over 700 pieces. The main exhibitions in the museum are 'the exhibition of historic relics', 'the exhibition of the unearthed cultural relics from the Yanbulak Cemetry', 'the exhibition of the Wupu Cemetery'.


The museum has collections more than 10 thousand, including stone ware, porcelain, bone artifact, and metal objects. There are totally over 1200 pieces of speciments and mummies from the Bronze Age to the Han Dynasty are the most prominent ones. Two mummies showed in there, cloth, fair and blood vessel are keep in good condition due to immediate dehydration and dry climate.


Hami Museum