Famen Temple Museum Buddha Phalange Relics

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Location: Shanxix_China
Letter: F
Type of Museum: Religion temple

For the Famen Temple Museum Buddha Phalange Relics, Relicase has adopted a new design for the display cases, each of which is specifically customized. It mirrors the original display and design style as well as the characteristics of the artifacts, especially the showcase performance levels which were also re-designed. These new showcase designs cover the Eight- treasure Box, Five-treasure Box, and King Asoka Relics Box. Each was specifically custom-made to the characteristics of each piece of the ancient Buddhist relic.

Famen Temple Museum Buddha Phalange Relics

An oxygen-free microenvironment system with nitrogen protection and a humidity control system were installed in the display cases. It will further protect these invaluable Buddhist relics. Nitrogen would be released once the oxygen level exceeds 3% in order to keep the oxygen content within the required range in the display case. The humidity of the nitrogen is conditioned before entering the cases to control the oxygen content and humidity at the same time.

Famen Temple Museum Buddha Phalange Relics 1

HANWELL control sensors were used in the display cases, through which real-time data relating to temperature, humidity, illumination level, and UV level were transmitted to the terminal system for direct and convenient monitoring of the micro-environment within the display case.


Special fiber optic lighting system (FOLS) provides spot-lighting capabilities and works in concert with general uniform illumination from the fluorescent light tubes above the case soffit. This excellent combination of 3-dimensional lighting application was used to highlight the dish-type cultural relics to great effect.

Famen Temple Museum Buddha Phalange Relics 2

The design objectives of these display showcases were crafted with utmost reverence for the Buddhist cultural relics, its ultimate security, and protection within the Famen Temple Museum.


Famen Temple, one of the four Buddhist holy lands in ancient China, has the Famen Temple Museum, which is a Buddhist art museum. Its primary role is in the collecting, protecting, displaying and study of precious Buddhist artifacts of the Tangta Underground Palace. The museum has more than 2000 pieces of cultural relics, including 71 important cultural relics within its first-floor gallery and another 37 items on the second floor. Famen Temple is known for its numerous archaeological findings, among which is the treasured 'Buddha Phalange Relics of Sakyamuni Buddha' residing in the underground palace of Dagoba.