Exhibition of Diplomatic Gifts

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Location: Beijing_China
Letter: E
Type of Museum: Social economy

For the Exhibition of Diplomatic Gifts held at the National Museum of China, Relicase designed the multi-bay wall-mounted cases and free-standing cases. Our design received great approval from the client.

Exhibition of Diplomatic Gifts

In Oct 2012, the exhibition of the 'Friendly exchanges between the witness of history - party and state leaders Diplomacy donated gift show' holds at the National Museum of China in Beijing. The exhibition features official gifts that the Communist Party of China and government leaders have received in their diplomatic activities since the founding of New China in 1949, including sculptures, porcelain, statues, and handicrafts.

free-standing cases

We tailored the multi-bay wall-mounted cases and free-standing cases for this exhibition. An LED light bar is hidden beneath each shelf. The height and location of the shelves allow for flexible adjustment, mounting, and removal. We applied large hinged doors to suit the exhibits and allow easy staff access.

multi-bay wall-mounted cases

This exhibition features 611 gifts that were selected from more than 30,000 that represent the friendship and diplomatic ties between China and 166 other countries and international organizations such as the United Nations. They were chosen for display based on their historical significance and high art value. Most of the gifts are exhibited for the first time.