BVLGARI featured 'SerpentiForm' at Chengdu Museum

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Location: Sichuan_China
Letter: B
Type of Museum: Temporary exhibition

Relicase took the honor of providing showcases for the Bvlgari 'SerpentiForm' exhibition at the Chengdu Museum and customized large wall cases of 3.3M*4M.


Serpenti creations count among Bvlgari’s best-known jewelry pieces. Their enduring secret is the combination of precious stones with the evocative symbol of the snake. Bvlgari conceived an exhibition called 'SerpentiForm' to pay tribute to the inspiring symbol of Serpenti creatures, featuring now at Chengdu Museum in China twitter.


The exhibition culminates with private collections from the Maison and some of the most precious Bvlgari Serpenti pieces, along with a total of 183 rare antiquities and splendid creations from 7 countries.


The snake is a powerful universal symbol that has inspired myriad interpretations in art. In the 1940s Bvlgari captured the expressive power of the snake, reinterpreting it in supple bracelet-watches that gracefully coil around the wrists of women. The pieces rapidly became an icon of the jewelry House’s bold creativity, inspiring new pieces that join the Serpenti collection. In jewelry form, the snake is elevated and celebrated, set with diamonds and precious gems.

Chengdu Museum Bvlgari SerpentiForm


Chengdu Museum Bvlgari SerpentiForm 1


Chengdu Museum Bvlgari SerpentiForm 2