Special Exhibition at the Beijing Olympic Tower

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Location: Beijing_China
Letter: S
Type of Museum: Temporary exhibition

For the special exhibition at the Beijing Olympic tower, Relicase designed large freestanding cases and wall-mounted cases for the Palace Museum collection. Our design enhanced the display effects and received great approval from the client.

Special Exhibition at the Beijing Olympic Tower

The Beijing Olympic Tower is located on Kehui South Road, part of the Olympic Green in the Chaoyang District of Beijing, China. Construction began in 2011, three years after the 2008 Summer Olympic Games; it was completed in 2014 and opened on August 8, 2015. The design was by a Chinese firm, China Architecture Design & Research Group; a Shenzhen architect alleged that the architects at the firm had plagiarized an award-winning earlier design of his.

Special Exhibition at the Beijing Olympic Tower 1

At 258 meters (846 ft) in height, it is the second tallest tower in the city after the Central Radio & TV Tower, and the fourth-tallest structure in the city. Its design, with four smaller circular floors at different heights and positions below a larger top floor, is meant to echo the Olympic rings. The overall design was inspired by blades of grass; however, it has also been likened to 'huge nails'.