Beijing Fine Art Academy

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Location: Beijing_China
Letter: B
Type of Museum: Art

For the Beijing Fine Art Academy, Relicase designed the museum display cases, supplied the display effect and protection, were got big approval from the client. We have great successful cooperation with the Beijing Fine Art Academy. Now we are still giving the technical support, and looking for further cooperation with it.


Beijing Fine Art Academy is a professional art academy that is the oldest and largest of its kind in China. Chinese Fine Art Academy in Beijing was formally established on May 14th, 1957. It is an academic organization to create, research, cultivate talents, develop the arts and strengthen the culture exchange with foreign countries.


In September of 2005, Art Museum of Beijing Fine Art Academy was founded, with Qi Baishi Memorial as a branch. This memorial exhibits Qi Baishi’s works all the year. Having schooled many of China's greatest modern painters, it also publishes a magazine and houses an art museum featuring the paintings of Qi Baishi and Xu Beihong, among others. There are also ancient art pieces and rotating exhibitions on display.


Beijing Fine Art Academy

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