Baotou Museum, Inner Mongolia

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Location: Inner_Mongolia
Letter: I
Type of Museum: History civilization

For the Baotou Museum, Inner Mongolia, Relicase designed various display cases, including 13 wall cases, 2 Two-sided wall cases, and 6 freestanding cases.

Baotou Museum

Baotou Museum is a class II national museum, locates in No. 25, Arding Street, Kundulun District, Baotou, Inner Mongolia. It was established in December 1998. It is a comprehensive museum based in Baotou and houses cultural relics from the western part of Inner Mongolia.

Baotou Museum 1

In 2005, a new museum building covering an area of 3.5 hectares with a floor area of 24,000 square meters was opened to the public. There are eight exhibition halls, six of which are permanent exhibition halls and the other two are multi-function exhibition halls for temporary exhibitions.

Baotou Museum 2

Relicase undertook the project of the multi-function exhibition hall in Baotou Museum. Producing wall cases and double-sided cases with the microclimate control systems and layouts for the hall. To express the tough character of Mongolia people, we applied a heavy gray outline to the frame and created a plain style to accentuate the bold and forthright figure. Wall cases were lined up to form a corridor, which embodied the stream of history. Exhibits were arranged in chronologic order and revealed the passage of time.

Baotou Museum 3

After months of work, we delivered the project successfully, which laid a solid foundation for the historic exhibition of "Daqingshan Anti-Japanese Beacon" exhibited later in the spare Hall of Baotou Museum. Our excellent design was highly recognized by the museum.