The Exhibition of Ancient Chinese Money

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Location: Beijing_China
Letter: M
Type of Museum: Temporary exhibition

For the exhibition of Ancient Chinese Money held at the National Museum of China, Relicase tailored the freestanding cases and along with the wall cases. The size of each showcase was determined by coin type and quantity, enhancing the individual display among the similarities. Our design received high praise from the clients.

Ancient Chinese Money

The earliest Chinese money appeared at least in the Western Zhou Dynasty and developed in the Eastern Zhou. During the Qin period, the Emperor unified various currencies. After a 2,000-year evolution, the colorful Chinese monetary system now embodies the interesting history of ancient politics, economy, and folk culture. Chinese money is also noted for its excellent calligraphy and casting skills.

Ancient Chinese Money 1

The National Museum of China is known for its rich collection of money from various historical periods, a large portion of which came from the generous donations of collectors, including some renowned collectors. The exhibition, Ancient Chinese Money, is one of the major exhibitions on regular display organized by the museum. It presents masterpieces in the museum's collection to illuminate the evolution of ancient Chinese money from the pre-Qin times to the Qing Dynasty and emphasizes its changing features as well as its role in economic and daily life. It aims at displaying the history, culture, calligraphy, and art of Chinese money. On display in this exhibition are more than 1,700 objects, including early cowrie shells, knife-shaped coins, round coins, coins with a square hole in the middle that was in use for over 2,000 years, and machine-made copper or silver coins of the late Qing period.

Ancient Chinese Money 2