Ancient Chinese Jades Exhibition

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Location: Beijing_China
Letter: A
Type of Museum: Temporary exhibition

For the Ancient Chinese Jades Exhibition, Relicase designed display cases, we had several communications with the client for better display effect and security. All of them were designed with consideration of multi factors, such as color and material of jade. In the manufacturing, strict quality control was carried out while lead time unchanged. Unexpected display effect brought us acclaim from client.


In this Exhibition, National Museum of China selected some of the finest jade objects dating from Neolithic times to the Qing Dynasty, and displayed together with pieces from the museum's original collection that have seldom been on public view. These timeless treasures, with their exceptional enduring charm, reflect the traditions and tastes of the Chinese people throughout history.


Ancient Chinese beliefs held jade to be the crystallization of the quintessence of heaven and earth. Thus, jade was sacred and often personified as well as endowed with aesthetic values. Following the Qin and Han Dynasties, Chinese jades evolved into objects portending good luck and happiness.


In 2010, under the auspices of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, more than 80,000 ancient Chinese jades previously in the repository of the Chinese Cultural Heritage Information Center became part of the National Museum of China collection.

Ancient Chinese Jades Exhibition 1

Ancient Chinese Jades Exhibition

Ancient Chinese Jades Exhibition 2