Ancient Chinese Bronze Art Exhibition

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Location: Beijing_China
Letter: A
Type of Museum: Temporary exhibition

For the Ancient Chinese Bronze Art Exhibition, Relicase took full consideration on the design to make coins best display through our showcases. This exhibition was Relicase's second cooperation with national museum of china. It is similar with ancient Chinese coin, both belonging to metal collection. We took advantage of tailored design to earn acclaim.


This Bronze Art exhibition brings together many precious bronze vessels, showing epitomizes the brilliant achievements of bronze in ancient China. Through 103 pieces of ancient bronzes, including the grand 'Hou Mu Wu' ding, the 'Zi Long' ding - the largest round bronze tripod from the Shang Dynasty and the 'Yu' ding with a 291-character inscription inside the body. The artifacts excavated from the tomb of Fu Hao impress us with both shape and workmanship. From the Xia, Shang, and Western Zhou Dynasties to the Spring and Autumn and the Warring States Periods, bronze vessels evolved from utilitarian objects to exquisite artifacts. Their shapes, designs, and inscriptions embody the aesthetic taste of particular periods.

Ancient Chinese Bronze Art exhibition

Ancient Chinese Bronze Art exhibition 1

Ancient Chinese Bronze Art exhibition 2

Ancient Chinese Bronze Art exhibition 3