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Chengdu Museum Daqian Zhang new exhibition

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Location: Sichuan_China
Letter: C

For the Chengdu Museum new exhibition hall special collection, 'Despite my hectic of homesickness, Daqian Zhang', Relicase designed the showcase for exhibition.

This exhibition opened officially on 2016/6/11. The exhibition displayed the remainings of Mr Zhang such as collections, powder, works, seal, letters, etc., presented Mr. Zhang's rich experience of life and art. Many of the exhibits are the first display.

This exhibition allows the audience to know better about Zhang Daqian's painting, touring and living situation abroad, and gives them the opportunity to find out the profound mystery of his artistic achievements. Zhang Daqian in the special exhibition is both true and complete, rich and multifaceted . It not only has a detailed description of his life, but also an elucidation of his painting career. He also shows his precious powder that he has never seen before. The special exhibition showed a dripping 'big world' for the audience.

Chengdu Museum Daqian Zhang new exhibition

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