France Pavilion - Expo 2010 Shanghai China

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It present pictures from 7 world-famous artists. They are Millet (L'Angélus), Manet(Balcony), Vincent van Gogh(Al ballroom), Gauguin(The Meal), cezanne(La Femme à la cafetière) Bonnard(La Loge) and rodin(The Age of Bronze). It is such chance to gather these masters simultaneously, though only one picture is picked up from the collection of each artist. Due to their priceless value, we focus security, protection and display on the showcase design. The inner atmosphere was totally followed by The Optimal Standard of HQE, and international criterion of large museum, besides current safety code.

It is described as “floating palace” in the beauty rhyme with water and post-modern color. Auto-elevator brings visitors to the top building. The whole construction is built in the slope, with return to entrance. This creative design casts new challenge to us. The showcase for this project, totally 36152mm long, is put in 3.9-degreed slope. It requires vertical cutting line of glass to back panel, as showcase extends down following the slope. The top structure is hid in the hang ceiling. Besides glass, only steel and aluminum are allowed used in showcase, whose total height reaches 3905mm.

Canada-imported Aluminum honeycomb composite board, coated with ICI Water-based metallic finish, is used as back and floor panel. We add 3-mm armor to prevent damage on exhibit from electrical instruments or weapons. The total showcase is divided into 22 units, each two of which is display area for exhibit, with Amiran low reflection glass. Other area is supplied with ultra clear glass. Thus, it can reach brilliant display effect, with unlimited cost.

France Pavilion - Expo 2010 Shanghai China

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France Pavilion - Expo 2010 Shanghai China 2

France Pavilion - Expo 2010 Shanghai China 3

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