Tianjin Museum Selected Rare Relics

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For new Tianjin Museum we provided display cases for Exhibition of Selected Cultural Relics, Exhibition of Ancient Chinese Jades, Exhibition of Ming&Qing Dynasties' Blue&White Porcelains from Museum's Collection, Exhibition of Calligraphy Painting. Hereby we particularly present two 15m long documentstyle table cases to you.

The two exhibits, Birds' View and Roll of Flowers on River, which could not be exhibited in the original museum due to the limitations of the exhibition facilities, were 17m and 13m long, respectively. The two table cases we designed allowed visitors to have a panoramic view of the two items in the Cultural Relics Display Hall of the new museum. The access opening of the case allows for the entire 15m long glass top to be lifted for the easy mounting or removing of the exhibit.

In addition, all the large wall cases of the Tianjin Museum use the WHMI electronic opening system. The synchronization of the actuators and controls of the opening system was particularly critical. Any linear travel error exceeding 0.5mm in any of the lifting actuator devices would incur the risk of cracking. Our team used closed-loop detecting synchronous drive technology, which completely addressed this problem and ensured the safety of the cases.

Tianjin Museum Selected Rare Relics

Tianjin Museum Selected Rare Relics 1

Tianjin Museum Selected Rare Relics 2

Tianjin Museum Selected Rare Relics 4

Handwriting of Ming and Qing Dynasty - Tianjin Museum

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