Tianjin Museum Ancient Chinese Jades Exhibition

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For Tianjin Museum Ancient Chinese Jades Exhibition, Relicase produced the display cases, made the ancient jade are protected and display more natural.

Tianjin Museum is the largest museum in Tianjin, China, exhibiting a range of cultural and historical relics significant to Tianjin. The museum lies in Yinhe Plaza in the Hexi District of Tianjin and covers an area of about 50,000 sq metres. The unique architectural style of the museum, whose appearance resembles that of a swan spreading its wings, has meant that it is quickly becoming one of the city's iconic buildings.

Tianjin Museum Ancient Chinese Jades Exhibition display a wide variety of jades. In order to get a better display of the various ancient jades in the pavilion. Relicase combined with suitable lighting and display base materials, the display cases produced not only made the ancient jade display more natural, but protected the ancient jade articles, and made them closest to its natural character.

China Acient jadeware

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