Ancient Costumes of the Xinjiang Region Museum

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For the Ancient Costumes of the Xinjiang Region Museum, Relicase provided exhibition design services and all-glass, frameless display cases, got great approval. All-glass, frameless exhibit cases were used to meet the high standard of the displays for this exhibition. With detailed information graphics as well as fiber optic lighting at multiple angles, the desired visual effect of colour, light and shadow complementing one another was fully achieved.

In this costume exhibition, damages to the fabric exhibits were minimized through planar display. The targeted display cases were designed to ensure stunning display effects while protecting the items. Our showcases in this project reached unprecedented technical highpoint, strict humidity control, illumination for textiles that could completely unfold its aged heritage to visitors.

For highlighting the exhibition, showcases were supposed to be produced invisibly, leading more visitors’ attention to exhibit.

The Xinjiang Regional Museum is a large integrated museum and centre for the collection and study of cultural relics discovered in the region. Built in 1953, it has an exhibition hall that covers an area of about 7,800 square meters (approx. 9,328 square yards). The building is in a Uigur style, the internal decor having strong ethnic features.

In total there are over 50,000 items in the collection. These not only represent the ethnic lifestyle and humanity of the region but also illustrate its revolutionary spirit. With such an abundance of items on display, the exhibition is widely acknowledged for its comprehensive and informative nature both at home and abroad.

Ancient Costumes of the Xinjiang Region Museum

Ancient Costumes of the Xinjiang Region Museum 1

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