Asoka Pagoda special exhibition

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For the asoka pagoda exhibition - Nanjing Museum, Relicase designed frameless Free standing display cases, visitors completely soak in the aesthetic feeling.

In 2008, Nanjing Museum exhibited the Asoka Pagoda housing the vertex relics of Sakyamuni. This exhibition is about religion. Relicase Display were entrusted with providing professional services for the protection and exhibition of the important Buddhist relic.

In order to protect the Asoka Pagoda from damage as a result of environmental changes, an emulated microenvironment close to the exhibit's underground conservation condition had to be created inside the showcase. We made the final decision to recreate an oxygen-free environment with 95% relative humidity. During the design and setup process of the Showcase, the nitrogen supply device as well as the piping and wiring of the constant humidity control system were installed. Two sets of fiber optic lights at the top and base of the case delivered cross lighting on the exhibit,effectively avoiding lateral shadows from being cast by the exhibited item.

Special Exhibition of the Asoka Pagoda

Special Project