2009 World Stamp Exhibition - Luoyang Museum

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Luoyang Museum is a historical museum in Luoyang, Henan, China. Situated in the Yellow River valley. It offers exhibits of the rich cultural heritage of Luoyang, a major Chinese cultural centre, which was the capital of more than a dozen ancient dynasties of the Xia and the East Zhou. Over 1,000 exhibits ranging from prehistoric times to the Sui and Tang Dynasty periods are displayed there. Meanwhile, the museum is combined with a modern technique, giving new vitality to the exhibits and making it more exquisite and elegant.

The 2009 World Stamp Exhibition kicks off in Luoyang 
Museum, central China's Henan, April 10, 2009. Although the world stamp exhibition was temporary project, it required strict demand on showcase and relevant supporting facilities. Relicase weighted security and display effect on our design.

The 2009 World Stamp Exhibition - Luoyang Museum

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