Nanjing Museum 2018 New Project

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Location: Jiangsu_China
Letter: N
Collection: Comprehensiveness

Relicase designed a free-standing cases for the Nanjing Museum 2018 New Project, the showcase uses 6+6 low-reflection laminated glass to filter the UV rays.

The base frame of the showcase is welded by high-strength steel rectangular tube welding. Four high-loaded universal casters are mounted on the bottom to move the showcase as needed.

The showcase uses 6+6 low-reflection laminated glass to filter 99% of the UV rays. The fixed part of the glass is sealed with Apolo glue, the movable part is made of 40° glass splicing, and the custom Y-type sealing strip is sealed to make the appearance seam look more natural and harmonious. The museum-specific high-intensity hinged opening access system ensures added safety. For the lighting design, a final decision was made to utilise 12 LED embedded small spotlight from WAC Lighting.

Nanjing Museum 2018 new project

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