China National Arts & Crafts Museum

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For the national art museum of china, Relicase considered its character on design to highlight the exhibit. Standing showcases was most used in this project.

The National Art Museum of China is located on 1 Wusi Ave, Dongcheng District of Beijing. It is one of the largest art museums in China. The museum shows contemporary Chinese craftsmanship is as good today as it was during the Tang Dynasty, particularly large chunks of carved jade and ceramic statues of arhats.

Exhibits include jade ware, stone and wood sculptures, earthenware, lacquer ware, metal ware, embroidery, and ethnic folk art. Four of the most well known pieces are exquisite jade carvings, considered 'the four great national treasures'. They are: The Marvelous Spectacle at Mount Tai, Nine Dragons Playing in the Sea, The Incense Burner, and The Flower Basket.

China National Arts & Crafts Museum

China National Arts & Crafts Museum 1

China National Arts & Crafts Museum 2

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