Kangxi and Qianlong Emperor court dresses paintings

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For Kangxi and Qianlong Emperor court dresses paintings, Relicase designed two special showcases, were exhibited for the first time, a period of three months.

Two paintings of the court dresses of Kangxi Emperor and Qianlong Emperor were painted by Giuseppe Castiglione (1688-1766), with an overall dimension of 3m (Length) x 5m (Height) x 0.7 (Thickness), were exhibited in the Ancient China hall, National Museum of China. In order to exhibit the paintings that will allow viewers to examine these paintings in the closest proximity, we used a single piece of glass weighing a very heavy 612.7 kilogrammes, thus setting a great challenge for the design and opening access mechanism of the showcases.

The main showcase framework was produced with 27mm thick steel plates to accommodate the weight load of 612.7kg. This ensures that the case opening is distortion-free even after a very long period of usage. The TCFA electronic opening device ensures safety in opening the showcase; the electric lifting system for hanging picture makes it convenient and easy to re-position the painting from the ground level; adjustments of the painting positions can be manipulated in four different directions. The magnetic display system of the rear dress panel within the showcase allows for the convenient display of exhibits. This system reduces possible strain and damage caused by gravity to fibrous materials hung and displayed vertically.

In respect of lighting design, the lighting approach utilizing dual rows of LED spotlights on the top was finally approved after over twenty lighting test rigs. The lighting solution uses a combination of four different lighting angles which had to specifically provide due consideration to the uniform illumination of the upper, middle and lower parts of the large-scale painting and incorporate the requirement for background light and accent lighting. There is also a set of concealed LED auxiliary light sources at the bottom of showcase for special circumstances. This set of lighting is controlled by a remotely wireless control system.

Kangxi and Qianlong Emperor court dresses paintings

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