Cooperation with temporary exhibition museums

Cooperation with temporary exhibition museums that collected temporary exhibition collections, the projects reference of Relicase display cases with museums.

Cooperation with temporary exhibition museums, Relicase have gained Invaluable experience and most diverse challenges. Our designs cleverly bring out precious exhibits, enhanced the display effect and received great praise from the museum and the society.

Through joint efforts with our partners for over 10 years, Relicase have created display cases for many cultural institutions, such as museum, exhibition, art gallery, library, as well as private collectors worldwide. Whereever your project is located in the world, our team will be present on site to perfectly realize it as well as make it classic and time-tested. The World Expo, the Olympics, the Terracotta Army, the Guanghan Sanxingdui are all protected by Relicase systems.

National Museum of China Donations Exhibition
Cooperation projects:Donations Exhibition
Capital Museum Beijing Cultural Exhibition
Cooperation projects:Beijing Cultural Exhibition
East & West Chamber of Qianqing Gong Exhibition
Cooperation projects:East & West Chamber Exhibition
Johnson & Johnson Olympic Exhibition Center
Cooperation projects:Five pieces of The Terracotta Warriors
Friendly Communications & Historical Testimony
Cooperation projects:Exhibition of Gifts
Art of the Enlightenment exhibition
Cooperation projects:Art of the Enlightenment exhibition
Orsay Museum Treasures Exhibition - France Pavilion
Cooperation projects:France Pavilion
Shanghai World Expo Urban Footprint Museum
Cooperation projects:Shanghai World Expo Urban Footprint Museum
Shanghai World Expo Museum
Cooperation projects:Shanghai World Expo Museum
France Pavilion - Expo 2010 Shanghai China
Cooperation projects:France Pavilion
Eternal city - glory of ancient Rome Exhibition
Cooperation projects:Ancient Rome Exhibition
Chengdu Museum Daqian Zhang new exhibition
Cooperation projects:Daqian Zhang new exhibition
Palace Museum Treasures Exhibition
Cooperation projects:Treasures Exhibition
Special Project