Gallery dimensions display cases

Gallery dimensions display cases design


  • Showcase Names: Gallery dimensions display cases
  • Showcase Type: Wall display cases
  • Showcase Model: W-02
  • Plinth: Steel
  • Plinth Cladding: Steel plate
  • Case Frame: Aluminum alloy extrusion
  • Coating / Finishing: Powder coating
  • Opening Access System: Semi-automatic / Pull & Slide
  • Glass: Extra-clear glass / PVB laminated glass
  • Light: LED
  • Locks: Mechanical Cam Lock
  • Glass Bonding Method: Recessed Channel Bonding
    Micro-environment Control(Humidity Control System): Humidifying agent
  • Technical Advisory: 86-28-85880066


The gallery dimensions display cases allows exhibits to be featured without interruption along with an entire gallery space, to suit any gallery dimensions. Cases can be mounted against the wall or bolted to the floor. Comes with options for easy access with a fully-automatic swing door, or an electronically-synchronized pull and slide door front. Front glass panels can be in one single piece or divided to multiple panels of two, three or more. A customized silicone inert seal between glass joints provides air-tightness within the display area. Different options for lighting is concealed within the separate light hood compartment above the showcase. Back dressing panels form the vertical areas for mounting small or larger exhibits with accessories for cantilevered shelving, suspended glass panels or graphic rails which can be added later.


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