Five sided glass display cases

Five sided glass display cases design

Showcases Design Specification

  • Showcase Names: Five sided glass display cases
  • Showcase Type: Free standing display cases
  • Showcase Model: F-05
  • Light: LED
  • Locks:
  • Glass: Laminated Glass
  • Case: Metal
  • Optional functions:
  • Technical Advisory: 86-28-85880066

Showcase Details

A frameless all glass five sided Free standing display cases with a glass top. Particularly suitable for use with external lighting, such as power supply. Microclimate control system are accessible and concealed below the structural metal plinth. The five-sided glass case is in itself a work of art as all glass panels must be mitred at an angle. This allows for a dramatic, all-round visibility with high-security and easy access. Using an electronically-driven, vertical lift-off mechanism, only one person is needed to open the showcase. All materials and finishes meet museum conservation standards.

Five sided glass display cases

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