Removable glass top free-standing cases

Removable glass top free-standing cases design

Showcases Design Specification

  • Showcase Names: Removable glass top free-standing cases
  • Showcase Type: Free standing display cases
  • Showcase Model: F-03
  • Light: LED Linear Strip Light
  • Locks: ABLY
  • Glass: Laminated Glass
  • Case:
  • Optional functions:
  • Technical Advisory: 86-28-85880066

Showcase Details

Removable glass top free-standing display cases allows different kinds of lighting solutions to be added on, the glass top can be changed to a diffuser glasses. It allows even distribution of light from an external light source.

In addition, showcase with this removable glass top can be fitted with a light hood that houses additional lighting elements such as LED, fluorescent, low-voltage halogen or even fibre optics lighting systems. Other task lighting can also be introduced at the sides or bottom of the case through this removable glass top.

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