Customized abnormity cases

Customized abnormity cases
  • Showcase Names:Customized abnormity cases
  • Showcase Type:Custom display cases
  • Showcase Model:C-02
  • Light:
  • Locks:
  • Glass:Laminated Glass
  • Case:Steel Plates
  • Optional functions:
  • Technical Advisory:86-28-85880388 Online technical consultation

Customized abnormity cases Showcase Details

Wherever applicable, all our cases can be customized according to your exhibits. The Abnormity cases allow anchored onto the floor or free-standing. Different options and combinations demand acute angles of each showcase corner and contour were tight tolerance, Each tiny variance in the extrusions of the glass machining must be accommodated. With integral lighting, the display case offers splendid display with high specification features and exceptional performance.

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