Niche wall display cases W-05

Niche wall display cases W-05 design

Showcases Design Specification

  • Showcase Names: Niche wall display cases W-05
  • Showcase Type: Wall display cases
  • Showcase Model: W-05
  • Light: LED Linear Strip Light
  • Locks: ABLY
  • Glass: Laminated Glass
  • Case: Steel Plate
  • Optional functions:
  • Technical Advisory: 86-28-85880066

Showcase Details

Niche Wall display cases can be mounted a wall surface, selected hinged glass hood, provided a frameless glass system, mounted within a boxed-up partition wall. Internal displays for flat objects such as coins, medals, documents, insects and stamps or exhibits that require a close-up view for study and research are ideal. An optional artsorb compartment for silica gel media is concealed below the bottom dress panel. Access can be from the front with concealed hinges at the top with high security locks at the sides.

Niche wall display cases W-05

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