Custom display cases with automatic control

Custom display cases with automatic control design

Showcases Design Specification

  • Showcase Names: Custom display cases with automatic control
  • Showcase Type: Custom display cases
  • Showcase Model: C-01
  • Plinth:
  • Light: LED
  • Locks:
  • Glass: Laminated Glass
  • Plinth Cladding: Steel Plates
  • Technical Advisory: 86-28-85880066

Showcase Details

Expandable Custom Display Cases with automatic control can be mounted directly into a wall, Automatic swing-door with electrical control, wireless control end. In a modular design, the display cases combines sections or multi-units to produce an entire train of a single case with no limit on the size of its length, Full-Automatic swing-door with electrical control. Shelves can either be suspended on stainless steel rods that are adjustable along a discreet channel above in the case soffit via wireless control end. Cantilevered shelving or suspended graphic panels can be added on or configured at will in our modular case system.

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