Our Factory

Our factory is located in Leshan, Sichuan, China. It has an office building, machining, glass processing, sheet metal parts processing, pre-treatment, spraying, glass bonding, board, assembly workshop.

Our production base has full sets of advanced equipment with in-house manageability and traceability of our product line from manufacture to end supply to our global clients.

Our equipment and manufacturing staff provide world craftsmanship unsurpassed in the business. Of course, our installers are the best in the business. And when it comes to customer service, in addition to your Project Manager, you can feel free to contact us by E-mail, Phone. Your opinion is important to us.

Our factory

A: Office Building (1100 square meters)

Office Building

B: Machining Workshop (250 square meters)

Machining Workshop

C: Glass Processing Workshop (900 square meters)

Glass Processing Workshop

D: Sheet Metal Parts Processing Workshop (500 square meters)

Sheet Metal Parts Processing Workshop

E: Pre Treatment Workshop (750 square meters)

Pre Treatment Workshop

F: Spraying Workshop (250 square meters)

Spraying Workshop

G: Glass Bonding Workshop (400 square meters)

Glass Bonding Workshop

H: Board Workshop (80 square meters)

I: Assembly Workshop (200 square meters)

Assembly Workshop