About relicase

Relicase Display Systems Limited is a professional museum showcases and museum display cases supplier, the key products are Custom Display Cases, Free standing display cases, Wall display cases, Table top display cases. We aims to provide high quality customized solutions for the exhibition, display, and preservation of historical artifacts as well as modern works of art. These solutions focus on improving the safety and aesthetics of showcases, and maintaining the high standards of the display of historical artifacts.

Through joint efforts with our partners for over 10 years, we have established a network of affiliates and agencies throughout Hong Kong, Singapore, England and Dubai. It provide specialized services to support markets in Southeast Asia, Europe and other global regions. We have successfully delivered solutions to many cultural institutions, such as museums, art galleries, libraries, as well as private collectors worldwide. On the basis of innovation & advanced management concept, high-quality museum display cases win us a good reputation. 

Cultural relics have incalculable historical value and are precious to mankind. It is our mission to create the best display settings and optimal environment for the preservation of these cultural relics so they can be appreciated for generations to come.